Just Five Mins!
Just Five Mins!
Episode 83 - Weekend Ramble #1

Episode 83 - Weekend Ramble #1

Please, someone stop me from rambling/talking :)

Well, perhaps this should have been one for my other podcast (just experimenting with “What’s going on with…”) although, here it is trying to fit within just five minutes - not a chance!! :)

Okay, so a ramble it is! Covering some AI investment observations as well as AI hardware - the brutal world of trying something new and attempting to break ground into new markets, even if you don’t need them ;)

I reference a couple of links which are below:

The investment video I mentioned is here

The limitless AI site which includes the AI hardware pendant (where I would bet my AI hardware money) is here

Okay, if you managed to get through the whole podcast, I should honestly buy you a coffee or beer or whatever you care to enjoy!

I promise I will not make too many of these weekend rambles! back to normal JFM’s now :)

Oh, and if you want to understand/take a look at Nvidia GeForce Cloud Gaming, the link is here (I cannot believe I didn’t understand the whole proposition of this!)

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