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Episode 77 - Securing and Managing APIs

Episode 77 - Securing and Managing APIs

Do you really want to manage your own APIs?

Well, YARP - the open-source Microsoft dotnet (or .NET if you are old school!) reverse proxy (Yet Another Reverse Proxy). If you have watched the movie Hot Fuzz or live in the west country UK, then this might steal a laugh:

Hot Fuzz YARP!

So, YARP is used internally by Microsoft and within Azure I believe. It is essentially a web-service you configure to handle routing, authentication, transformations and all of that. The advantage is this is code, your code - you can host it where you need it.

I have done previous episodes on Azure API management/gateways and also Zuplo, but for reference, the links to Zuplo and a new API management service I stumbled on, Treblle are below.

Zuplo API management

Treblle API management

I have used Azure API management gateway a fair bit in the past however, I am a fan of Zuplo right now. I haven’t had chance to play with Treblle as yet so I will update once I have!

Until next time!

P.S: Just Fifteen Mins YouTube will be going live soon :)

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