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Episode 75 - The Bitcoin Blockchain Ramble

Episode 75 - The Bitcoin Blockchain Ramble

Sometimes Unicorns have all of the answers...

Okay, a “real” ramble for a public holiday (well, here in the UK at least).

dApps, smart contracts, blockchain? what the heck is all of this!

Well, you must have heard of Bitcoin right?

Ethereum (which has been around since approx. 2015) has had this idea of smart contracts where developers can create dApps for various distributed blockchain applications - everything from logistics type stuff to procurement and custom crypto currencies.

Well, Bitcoin has primarily been just a crypto currency - until recently.

BVM (Bitcoin Virtual Machine) is out providing a way to build on the Bitcoin blockchain network (known as L2 or Layer 2) in a similar way to Ethereum.

If you must, take a listen to the ramble in this podcast. I will link to some further resources soon - especially how to build dApps/Smart Contracts, but for now:

Bitcoin BVM

Blockchain/ledge in SQL 2022


I really need to re-visit the above two older podcasts and drill into the detail a bit - as well as bring them up to date :)

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