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Just Five Mins!
Episode 73 - Obsidian Note Taking/Knowledge Management

Episode 73 - Obsidian Note Taking/Knowledge Management

Even polar bears need knowledge graphs...

So, more note taking apps!

I am still a steadfast OneNote user and I have tried Notion as well as Microsoft Loop of late.

Obsidian was something a saw a couple of years back but looked really basic. The selling point at the time (and one of the main points still) is your notes are stored locally or wherever you decided to save them i.e. not directly linked to a cloud provider like Microsoft, Google and so on.

Obsidian as a nifty graph built in too - this is where the knowledge management aspect kicks in, and for all its gimmicky premise, it actually very clear and useful IMHO!

Take a listen to learn more.

Obsidian link here

Pricing information (keep in mind it really is FREE for personal use with all features!)

A way better explanation of what is the Markdown Format here :)

For Android, I am using this Folder Sync Pro app - not sponsored BTW! but seems to do the job!
I did have an issue with the “two-way” sync TBH however, I just setup two one-way syncs to better manage things anyway! They do have an early release of a desktop app and MAC/Linux etc. coming soon.

Okay, that is that - catch you next time.

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