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Episode 63 - Oh my goodness AI is everywhere

Episode 63 - Oh my goodness AI is everywhere

Go on! you need this!

Wow, I know this gets used everywhere, but you have to say, his enthusiasm was right there, along with a rather sweaty shirt :)  But does he care? probably not since he is a billionaire, right?

Well, replace "developers, developers" with "AI, AI" - I just don't have the time or skills to do a clever video rework!

But goodness me, AI does seem to be moving at a pace.  Of course, the key bit is trying to find some really practical ways to use it! :)

So, the first thing is the Humane pin.  Is this the Apple iPhone moment for smartphones generally?  well, it is a device that "pins" to your jacket/shirt etc. (although I would say it is more like a badge!).  Interesting concept given that it is in the realm of a pricey smartphone but without a screen as such - although it does have a cool green laser which will display stuff on your hand when you hold it out in front of you.  It is completely driven by AI, and that accounts for the $699 price tag but also $24 per month for the mobile/cell access.  I am not sure about the rest of the world as yet, but I am guessing it will be equivalent pricing.  Here is a link to another news article coving the key points.

Also, the drama of OpenAI of late:

  • OpenAI (who bring you chatGPT) board of directors fired Sam Altman (CEO) apparently for not exactly telling the truth... but about what you ask?

  • After a couple of days, Microsoft (a big investor in OpenAI) offered a job to Sam Altman and anyone else from OpenAI

  • The day after, it seems the OpenAI board of directors were disbanded (although I don't know the exact scenario!) and Sam Altman was back as CEO

Allegedly, the reason for this "not telling the truth" bit was about the latest internal GPT (or otherwise!) possibly named "Q*" internally having reached AGI status.  AGI means "Artificial General intelligence.".  Basically, the AI can reason and approach a problem as a human could (although there are many, many descriptions of AGI!).

So many more things, but that will do for today! 

Take care until the next time! 

Just Five Mins!
Just Five Mins!
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