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Episode 49 - Prompt Perfect: the next level of AI prompting

Episode 49 - Prompt Perfect: the next level of AI prompting

Ahh yes, AI... just take a deep breath.

So, Prompt Perfect.  Why?  well, if you are playing around with things like ChatGPT, MidJourney and so many others, you will notice very early on that you do need to be quite specific in your asking to generate the desired outcome be that images/text or whatever.  This includes providing both positive and negative prompting.

Sure, you can persevere and keep trying, but who has the time?

Enter Prompt Perfect.  A sort of IDE for prompting, but not just a clever wrapper around ChatGPT it seems.

There is a massive shift at play, as we all know, but also emerging markets riding the wave of the current AI explosion.  I wrote a short article (mini podcast) about Vellum a few weeks ago.  Vellum received $5m investment for building prompts via an IDE and pipelining the process with GitHub integration and all sorts of things.

Also, there are prompt marketplaces emerging everywhere it seems!  yes, you can buy and sell prompts for goodness sake!  One example is Prompt Base

Anyway, I digress yet again!

Prompt Perfect is essentially a way to "design" prompts.  It has a beginner level where you can explorer basic prompts and Prompt Perfect will embellish/enhance the prompt to be more descriptive.  You can then move to the intermediate/advanced options where you can specify more settings and get "under-the-hood" so to speak!

But, for the finale.  Using Prompt Perfect, you can add parameters to a well defined prompt and turn that into an API.  You can then share that API or indeed sell it... if it is a restricted niche...

As promised, there is a prompt engineering institute!

What a strange world we live in! 

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