Just Five Mins!
Just Five Mins!
Episode 3 - Azure Functions

Episode 3 - Azure Functions


  • We are back, the pheonix edition!  Did you really miss us?

  • Azure functions and more broadly FaaS (Functions as a service) which include amongst others, AWS Lambda and Netlify JAMStack (I think "toast" has to be deployment service here!)


  • What are azure functions and FaaS in general?

  • Why would I use them?

  • Platform tie-in?  Azure functions have a docker container with the Azure functions runtime

  • Deployment.  Deploying from GIT (GitHub) with Azure Functions Kudu but you can use Azure Devops etc.

  • Azure functions in a microservice world i.e. Queues/storage tables/event grid/pubsub patterns etc.

  • More advanced: Azure durable functions i.e. Orchestrate several functions 

Wrap Up

* Will post the video walk-through soon!

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Also, forgot to add the link to the official MS Azure Functions page, and remember, you can get a free Azure account and most of what the podcast covered is pretty much free anyway! Azure Functions

Just Five Mins!
Just Five Mins!
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