It’s me! I'm on the wireless!

Hi there. David here. Producer of the JFM or Just Five Mins podcast that rarely is just 5 minutes… but I try!

I feel it is important to say I have lost some weight since that photo - not sure why that is important, but I will try to not cry myself asleep ;)

In fact, I have been upgraded of late (okay, AI does help sometimes!):

Okay, well now we have the self-centred and self-loathing bit out of the way!

I have been in the tech industry for quite some time, professionally in work since 1986 can you believe!

It all started when I think I was around 9 or 10 and my elder brother bought me a Sinclar ZX81.

This small little computer, that often would reset if you knocked it by accident, was the gateway into computing. With an absolutely massive 1k RAM! Actually, I did end up with a 16k RAM pack thing that plugged on the back. Yes, that is a tape recorder and that is where you saved your data/programs or loaded them. It became a “thing” to buy the best cassette recorder and high-quality cassette tapes - if you didn’t, your hard work stored on cheaper tapes could easily become corrupt!!

Well, moving on, I managed to get an apprenticeship working on an IBM System 36/38 and then AS/400. After that, I worked on a DEC VAX 6410 - actually liked this machine, managed to do some cool stuff for a while along with an ICL System 25 ;)

From there, it was PC’s all the way - the early IBM Model 30’s and Compaq PCs were making an impact in the business world. As much as I would have loved to be a games developer (by this time, the Amiga and Atari ST were out), I stuck to more boring “business” computing :)

I managed to work with web applications, cloud-based system and currently integration middleware. Although no longer a “proper” developer (not sure I was ever very good anyway!), I still attempt to keep up with web development, mobile development, cloudy stuff not to mention AI of course.

Hopefully the just five mins (sort of) brings some entertainment, info or just plain noise to the already overloaded internet :)

I am trying to also produce some YouTube videos too (who isn’t?). Just Fifteen Minutes. But don’t worry, you will mostly not have to see my ugly face :)

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Attempting to keep up with technology - yeah, good luck with that! Finding useful things in the myriad of madness to apply to everyday business.