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Episode 84 - SQLite

Episode 84 - SQLite

Yeah, you are using it without even knowing about it!

What is the most popular database engine around?

Well, a good contender is SQLite - it has been around for years and is in pretty much every device! yes, inside your Android and iPhone as well as many others including the web browser (I have only looked at using via WASM BTW!).

SQLite is a flat file based SQL database with some rather nifty features (including functions, CTE and JSON support via plugins). It has an amazing ecosystem and has been around for a long, long time.

SQLite cloud is taking the next step - SQLite, well, in the cloud! multi-region support, local/cloud sync and much more!

Take a listen to find out more.

Links below from the show:

SQLite official docs

SQLite CTE support

SQLite JSON support

SQLite Cloud!

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