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Just Five Mins!
Episode 82 - Develop Locally with Dev Containers

Episode 82 - Develop Locally with Dev Containers

"Why won't this code just work!" :)

I think I covered some basics about Docker dev containers a while ago when it was new’ish in beta.

Recently, I have been playing more and more with dev containers to save cluttering up my local machine and being able to be truly portable. I can take my dev container with me :) Windows, Mac, Linux - all works the same.

What is really fun is being able to say develop dotnet with SQL Server within a dev container, and have that same experience across any platform - including GitHub Codespaces - essentially developing fully in that infamous cloud! Might have to revisit a Codespace episode in the future!

But for now, enjoy, and here are some links to get you started if you wish to do so:

Docker Desktop - Windows, Mac, Linux, Palm Pilot

Dev Containers

As a bonus link, test containers! a clean test environment whenever you need it :)

Test Containers

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