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Episode 70 - Azure Data Studio with AI

Episode 70 - Azure Data Studio with AI

... because we all need a bit more A.I right?

Work with databases? especially Microsoft SQL Server or Azure SQL? then roll up, roll up for yet more AI - just when you think you can’t eat anymore AI, there is room for just a bit more :)

Optionally (and it is a bit gross in a funny way) it reminds me off Monty Python’s Mr Creosote:

Anyway, back to business!

Even though the name “Azure Data Studio” has “Azure” in it, you can use it as an updated replacement to say SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). ADS is built on the same foundations as VS Code and therefore can be used cross-platform (yeah, you can use MS-SQL on Linux don’t you know!). In fact, a lot of my local dev work uses MS-SQL 2022 within a Linux based docker container. Saves me having a local instance running and I can switch between versions much easier!

ADS (when you install some “needed” extensions from MS!) is almost on par with SSMS and has a lot of advantages. Because ADS is built on the same foundations as VS Code, you can install extensions. Also, you get really good IntelliSense i.e. completion of commands and so on. You can manage PostgreSQL and MySQL as well as MongoDB and Azure Cosmos DB.

So, no surprise that ADS now has GitHub Copilot :) Yeah, you need to pay for GitHub Copilot, but you do get lots of immediate assistance right there when working with SQL or data structures (as opposed to jumping over to ChatGPT).

Here are some links as noted in the podcast:

Overview of Copilot in ADS

Getting started with ADS

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