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Episode 57 - Podman vs Docker vs Pacman

Episode 57 - Podman vs Docker vs Pacman

So, is it game over for Docker?  probably not!

What is Podman then?

"PodMan is a container engine that helps us with developing containers, managing both the containers and the images, and deploying containers."

On the surface, very similar to Docker i.e. Podman runs containers from images just like Docker.  However:

Daemon-less Approach

  • PodMan uses a daemon-less approach, unlike Docker.

  • Docker relies on a background daemon process, known as the Docker Daemon, to perform various container-related tasks.

  • In contrast, PodMan performs all tasks directly from the client itself, using a fork-exec model.

  • This architecture makes PodMan more efficient, lightweight, and secure.

Root versus Rootless

  • PodMan offers a root-less approach, which adds an extra layer of security compared to Docker.

  • Running applications as root can have security implications, as vulnerabilities could potentially affect the entire system.

  • However, running applications as non-root within containers limits the impact of any exploited vulnerabilities to just the container itself.

  • This difference in approach between PodMan and Docker enhances the overall security of containerized applications.

OCI Compatibility

  • Both Docker and PodMan are based on the Open Container Initiative (OCI) standards.

  • OCI sets standards for container technologies, ensuring compatibility and interoperability.

  • This means that many of the commands used in Docker, such as pulling, pushing, and building images, are also applicable to PodMan.

So, until the next time, take care.

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Just Five Mins!
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