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Episode 48 - PostgreSQL is awesome and I didn't know!

Episode 48 - PostgreSQL is awesome and I didn't know!


I have heard of PostgreSQL of course and even looked at it years ago only to think "oh, it is just another database" - which it is, but I hadn't realised how clever it is!  It has been around for years/decades of course!

Michael Stonebraker (aka King of the Databases) is behind it of course and I had forgotten VoltDB too which is worth a look and an episode at some point! (in-memory databases eh?)

  • PostgreSQL is an open-source relational database management system.

  • It was developed in 1986 at UC Berkeley under the direction of Michael Stonebreaker.

  • It stores data in tables, columns, and rows.

  • Uses structured query language (SQL) to read and write data.

  • PostgreSQL is technically an object-relational database.

  • It can create custom data types to store objects with properties.

  • Supports advanced features like inheritance and polymorphism.

  • PostgreSQL uses multiversion concurrency control (MVCC).

  • MVCC gives each transaction a snapshot of the database, allowing multiple transactions to run simultaneously without traffic jams or locks.

Some amazing features for sure!

The official PostgreSQL link is here and also NEON which is a cloud-based serverless offering for PostgreSQL.

Most definitely a slow learner in this case!  Oh, and of course, Azure has a PostgreSQL offering too ;) just in case!

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Just Five Mins!
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